Meet Engaged To The Details Bride: Katrina



August 27th, 2016

How Did You Meet Your Groom To Be?

We met at Westwood Plateau Golf and Country Club, he was working with the outside golf team and I was working with the food and beverage team as a bartender. We ended up meeting at a Christmas party that one of the F&B girls had at her house. From there we realized that we lived on the same street, we were only 6 houses away. It was almost met to be that we met at the right time; our paths had multiple times to cross but never did. We both were in our middle school play, he was in grade 8 and I was in grade 6. He was the white rabbit in the school play “Alice in the Wonderland” and I ended up doing the make up for the extras in the play. We also went to the same high school but never actually met as he was two years older than me.

How Long Have You Been Together?

7 Years

Tell Us About Your Proposal! Where And How Did He Pop The Question?

We had been living together for 2 years and gone ring shopping twice before (over the span of 2 years) I didn’t really think much of it as we were always worried about being financially set and he had always said to me we are just looking. It was Saturday Feb 7,2015, and I was getting off work, we had plans to hit the gym and run errands (a normal Saturday) but when I got home and entered the door way. My fiancé had a envelopes labeled #1-6 and the amazing race logo (it is one of our favorite reality shows) and one with the rules “Open Clue #1 Only… follow instructions) From there: (each clue had a rhyme or hint to the location) Clue #1- was for me to get ready for 5:30pm dressed up Clue #2 “go to a place where the STARS are bright and the BUCKS are spend” it took me to the closest Starbucks Clue #3 - “ROAD BLOCK” instructions for me to get a drink of choice and spend the cash Clue #4 – “Go to a place where Above & Beyond is key.. You will find something red” This was the slogan for Westwood Plateau Golf and Country club (where we first met/worked), when I arrived there was a single red rose linked on the gate (symbolizing our other favorite reality show – the bachelor/bachelorette) Clue #5 – “Leave the mountain and head to a place where there are two crazy parties a year once at Christmas and the summer. Numbers ending in 3342.” This was my parents’ home. Club #6- “Park your car and walk up where you will find two suzies and a fuzzy bear” this clue took me to his moms house (his mom and sister call each other Suzie as nicknames and the fuzzy bear was their family dog). After clue #6, I knew it was happening I was about to get engaged (in my mind I thought he would do it in the garage – like in the reality show Laguna Beach), there was a white old fashion limo waiting outside his moms house and the limo drive asked me to get in. I asked the limo driver where he was taking me and all he could answer was I only have addresses. A quick 35 minute drive, I looked outside the window (I was frantically texting my best friend to tell her something was happening) I realized I was in the downtown area; we stopped in front of a hotel. I asked the limo driver what the next step was, he said go to the front desk and give him your name. I walked up and gave the front desk agent Paul, my name Katrina Wong a little confused, and he handed me a key and said the 16th floor. I walked towards the elevator with my heart beating out of my chest, this was it. I was getting engaged. I walked into the room and there he was my future fiancé standing in the middle of the living room, rose petals lining the floor towards him. He got down on one knee and proposed but the fun didn’t stop there after he put the ring on my finger he said freshen up. I have another surprise for you. We got back in the limo and ended up a restaurant, I thought it would be just a dinner for the two of us but when I walk towards the table it was both our entire immediate family! It was a perfect engagement as I was able to celebrate with the ones I loved. The part that made it all the more significant to the both of us that we saw as a sign was the person that checked me in, had the same name as my fiancés father who passed away.

How Did You Select Your Wedding Date?

By random, we had multiple friends getting married the same year

Name of Wedding Venue?

Westwood Plateau Golf and Country Club, Coquitlam BC. It was where we both worked and met at.

How Many Guests Will You Have?


How Much Did You Know About Weddings Before Getting Engaged?

A lot. Working at the golf course I had seen many weddings over my 6 years of working there

My Wedding Must Have:

Videographer. It was our biggest splurge and we are glad we did, the night passes by so fast its hard to be in the moment. It was exciting to get the video back and replay the night.

Has Your Wedding Budget Changed Your Initial Vision?

Throughout the planning process there were things that were on a maybe list and that ended up getting added on at the last minute because we had budgeted extra costs and ended up having a little wiggle room. Going to wedding shows also added and changed the vision of what we wanted along the way.

Have You Cut Any Traditional Wedding Details and Why?

We did not cut out any traditions but rather moved them around normally in asian cultures the groom is suppose to receive his bride on the morning of the wedding and do a tea ceremony and pour tea for the B&Gs elders, where the elders would give relationship advise and if they chose to gifts/red pockets but what we ended up doing is having the groom receive me on the day of our rehearsal dinner and we moved the tea ceremony to after the wedding ceremony in the church and before the reception. This way we were still able to do the full tradition.

1 Thing I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Wedding Planning:

That it is okay to say no. There were many friends/family members that came out and said “I can help you do this after all I planned a wedding myself”. I found that their style of décor or what was important to them was less important to me. I found it really hard to say that it was not what I liked or wanted or their style was not what I had wanted. For example, I had one aunt wanting to do all the bouquet (for myself and bridesmaids) she wanted to do all fake flowers yet I wanted real ones (I wanted to dry my bouquet out and put it in a shadow box). I ended up getting real flowers made and I am so happy as my bouquets photographed beautifully.