Wediquette Q & A: Guranteed Ways To Get Wedding Guests To Send Their RSVPs


Q. Help! How do I get my guests to send in their RSVP invites?

A. One of the biggest planning hurdles our brides experience during our Wediquette Wednesday feature is collecting guest RSVP confirmations. Consider the following tips to solve this common concern!

If you HAVEN’T sent your invitations, follow these steps:

  • Make It Easy To RSVP: Make sure that the methods to RSVP are clear and specific on the invitation. Avoid confusion by making each step clear so that guests know exactly how to provide their RSVP confirmations or declines. Instead of stating RSVP, write out “Please respond by (specific date)”. This helps ensure guests that are not familiar with RSVP understand that there is a response required to their invitation.
  • Confirm Contact Information: Make sure that the contact information that you have for your guests is the most update to date information, and also their preferred. They may ask that you send to a specific address, or follow up at a specific phone number or email address. This will be incredibly important if you need to contact for follow up on their RSVP. Be sure to clarify if any apartment numbers are needed as well.
  • Clarify Importance Of Timely RSVP: Ensure that confirmation is crucial by providing a reason for their timely RSVP. Note specific reasons, such as RSVP requests are required for catering confirmations, to emphasize the importance of receive confirmations. This may help guests understand that their response is crucial to the decisions of your day.
  • Set Your RSVP Date Before You Need It: Buy time by scheduling your RSVP date sooner than you need it. While most caterers need a final head count at least 1-2 weeks before the big day, the last thing you want is to spend the final stretch of your planning journey chasing RSVP reply’s.  We recommend that you set your RSVP date 3-4 weeks before the big day. This means that you will have to send your invitations out in time to allow guests to receive and reply. Be sure to have invitations in the mail at least 8 weeks before the big day, setting RSVP requests 2-3 weeks before the big day. Aim to set 3 weeks before to allow time to track any late reply’s. For destination weddings, allow even more time to RSVP. Ask guests to confirm 2 months before the big day and mail invitations out 4-5 months before the big day.
  • Allow Multiple Ways To RSVP: Make it easy for guests to RSVP. Note if they can provide their confirmation by mail, email, phone or even text. Be sure to make all methods clear to ensure that guests have no problem with confirming. If you allow confirmations by email, set up an email account strictly for RSVP’s so that they are not overlooked.
  • Make RSVP Cards Ready To Go: Supply guests with pre-stamped RSVP cards so that guests only have to select their accept or decline. Fill in the names of invited guests, the return address and provide adequate postage to save time for guests so that they only have to drop in the mail after checking off their reply.
  • Stay Organized: Have a system to keep track of your RSVP’s.  We recommend that you mark each RSVP with a number that corresponds to the invited guest. Note the number assigned so that if your RSVP card comes back without a name, you can match it to the number! Check out these invisible marking pens for under $5 to discretely mark each card! Be sure to also keep track of each RSVP on a spreadsheet, noting if they are a decline or confirmation. Note how the guest confirmed as well, such as by card, phone or email.
  • Bring It Up!: Feel free to mention to invited guests before the RSVP date that you hope to have them and how they can provide their reply. Reach out by phone or note when you speak to provide an additional mention of your RSVP needs. 

If you HAVE sent your invites and are struggling to get guests to send in their RSVP invites:

  • Send Reminders: Don’t hesitate to send reminders to guests that have missed the RSVP date. Reach out to any guests that you have not received responses from to see if their card is in the mail. Attempt to receive by phone or ask if they could send by a specific date. Make sure to note why their response is important and that you hope to have them on the big day!  Allow a few days to check back with guests that you leave messages with or that did not follow through with RSVP extensions. If possible, rear in your fiance, family or maid of honor to also contact the guest for their response.

Wediquette Q & A : When To Send Each & Every Wedding Invitation!

Q. When should I send out my wedding invitations?

A. It’s important to know when you should send out all of your wedding invitations to ensure that guests have more than enough time to accept their invitation or provide their regrets. Consider these recommendations for each wedding invitation sent during your planning journey:

  • The Engagement Party:

Guests to your engagement party should be guests that are guaranteed invites to your wedding. We recommend that you wait to send engagement party invites once your wedding budget has been created to ensure that an engagement party is in budget. Host your engagement party within 3-4 months of your big day. To ensure that invitations arrive to guests in time, send out no later than 4 weeks before the engagement party. This means that your budget should be complete 1-2 months after the big day.

  • Save The Dates:

Save the dates are crucial to ensure guests have set aside your wedding date in advance. They are especially important if having a destination wedding or wedding around a holiday. For domestic weddings, send save the dates 6-8 months before the wedding day. For destination weddings, send 8-10 months before the wedding.


  • The Bridal Shower:

Your bridal shower invites should also receive wedding invitations. Bridal shower attendees do not have to be every female invited to your wedding. Invitees are typically the brides closest family and friends. Close female family and friends of the groom are optional.  We recommend that bridal shower invitations are sent 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding.  

  • Thank You Cards: 

Thank you cards should be sent to all guests that attend your wedding, guests that provide a gift and even those that lend a hand.  Gifts may be received throughout your journey, so make a point to send thank you notes no later than 3 months from receiving the gift if possible or before the wedding date. For gifts received during the engagement party or bridal shower, send a thank you note 2-3 weeks after the event. Send thank you cards for all wedding attendees no later than 3 months after the big day. All guests that attend the wedding should receive a thank you card, even if they did not supply a gift. For those that lent a hand during your planning journey or even on the big day, send a thank you card no later than 3 months after the wedding. For gifts received after the wedding, send thank you cards within 2-3 weeks after the big day.


  • The Wedding Invitation:

After creating your guest list, begin collecting guest addresses and contact information. Be sure to obtain contact information, such as phone and email, in case you need to personally contact for late RSVP confirmations or declines. For domestic weddings, send invitations 6-8 weeks before the big day. For destination weddings, send out invitations at least 3 months before the big day to give guests plenty of time.

  • The Bachelorette & Bachelor Party:

Bachelorette and bachelor party invites should also be invited to the wedding. Invites can be close friends of the bride for the bachelorette party and of the groom for the bachelor party.  If the groom has sisters, they should be invited as well.  The same goes for if the bride has brothers.  Bachelorette and bachelor parties are typically held a few days before the big day or even a few weeks before. Invitations should be sent at least 1 month in advance. 

  • The Rehearsal Dinner:

The rehearsal dinner is attended by the wedding party, close family to the bride and groom, the wedding planner, officiant and out of town guests. The rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before the wedding. We recommend that you send invitations 5-6 weeks before the rehearsal dinner.

Wediquette Q & A: Who Gets A Plus One To My Wedding?


Q. Who gets a plus one to my wedding?

A. The plus one debate can be a bit controversial and tricky. Some brides will stand by all guests should get a plus one while others will set rules allowing only married or engaged guests receiving.  The traditional, expected rule to follow is to invite the spouse or fiance of all invited guests. Traditionally, you may also invite guests that live with their significant others or are in long term relationships. 

Use our cheat sheet to consider plus ones by considering 3 categories:

Guaranteed Plus Ones, Preferred Plus Ones and If Our Budget Allows Plus One’s

Guaranteed Plus One Invite:

These are guests that traditionally and per etiquette  are guaranteed to receive plus ones:

  • Married Guests: Married guests should always receive a plus one for their spouse. Inviting kids is optional, especially based on their age and if you prefer to have an adults only wedding.
  • Engaged Guests: Engaged guests should always receive a plus one invitation for their soon to be spouse.

Preferred Plus One Guests: 

These are the guests that receive plus ones to the couples discretion and based on budget. These guests should receive top priority for plus ones if your budget allows:

  • Wedding Party Members: Wedding party members should get first dibs to receiving a plus one if your budget allows. For married and engaged wedding party members, their spouses and fiances should always receive an invitation.
  • Immediate Family: Immediate family should receive first dibs on plus ones along with the wedding party. Immediate family, such as siblings, aunts, uncles and first cousins should receive plus ones if your budget allows.
  • Guests In Long Term Relationships/Live With Significant Other: Guests in long term relationships or that live with their significant other should receive a plus one invite if your budget allows. Typically, these are guests where the name of the significant other comes to mind when considering who they would be likely to invite.
  • Destination Weddings: Your guests may not like the idea of traveling alone. Attempt to extend a plus one to all guests for destination weddings if your budget allows.

If Our Budget Allows Plus One:

Once you have factored in plus ones for guaranteed and preferred plus ones, begin to consider the following guests:

  • Single Guests: Single guests can be tricky as they may not feel comfortable attending alone or have a date they would like to accompany. If your budget allows, always extend an invite to single guests as their relatonship status may change during your planning journey and they simply may prefer to attend with someone else. If your budget does not allow, keep a consistent rule where all single guests either receive a plus one or do not receive a plus one. If an exception is made for one single guest, make the same extension for all single guests.
  • Guests Dating or In New Relationships: Considering plus ones for guests that are dating can be tricky and feel like a guessing game. Play it safe by simply reaching out to all single, non-married guests to inquire if they would have a plus one invite.  If they do not have a specific name in mind, extend a plus one if your budget allows. If they have a name in mind, extend a plus one based on consistent rules. For instance, you may set a rule that only guests in relationships can invite a plus one and not guests that will simply only invite a guest. To avoid the stress of attempting to determine where someones relationship status will be by the time of your big day, set a clear rule such as all guests receive a plus one regardless of relationship status or only guaranteed/preferred guests.  

General Rules:

  • Always remain consistent: If one wedding party member gets a plus one to invite a friend, allow all wedding party members to have a plus one. If one immediate family member is provided a plus one, extend to all. Ensure that instead of exceptions, that you provide consistent rules.
  • Even if you haven’t met spouse or fiance, they should still be considered a plus on to your invited guests.


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Guest Bride Blogger Leah Shares: Tips For Hosting The Bridal Shower!


This post will be primarily focused on my BRIDAL SHOWER as it was an amazing experience plus there were so many details that went into the planning.

Being Showered with Love:

In late February, I had my bridal shower in a beautiful reserved room at Maggiano’s (which has amazing Italian food – if you haven’t tried it). My amazing mother and bridesmaid hosted my bridal shower in a room full of closet family and friends. The décor and setting was more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Honestly I was nervous at first because there was so much attention focused on me but once it calmed down, I had a great time with everyone.



Even though tradition says you have only one maid of honor, if you have two best friends it’s okay to designate them both as your maid of honor. This also makes a less stressful situation for your friends.


If there is something you desire at your bridal shower, don’t be afraid to ask if it’s possible. I really wanted a chocolate fountain, therefore I was so excited when I received one. 

Follow my journey on Instagram @leahdaniellexo – until then I’ll keep you posted on what’s more to come!

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Guest Bride Blogger Leila Shares: Tips On How To Stay Stress Free!

Who else is trying to plan their wedding while working a full time job and balancing time with family, friends, and other obligations? I am and, as much as I try to fight it, I’m stressed.


I don’t regret my decision to not have a wedding planner…I like doing things myself. I like having complete control over what the wedding and reception will entail and going through this process with my fiancee. It’s fun to be able to involve our families in the planning, too! Unfortunately, there’s so much to do and still so little time in the day. By the time I finish my 40 hour (at minimum) week at work, spend time with my family, go to church, have date night, see friends, I’m overwhelmed and exhausted. I have zero energy for any extra obligations! I am re-prioritizing everything in my life and trying to be conscious about how I spend my time. Here’s what I do to keep myself from breaking down from stress:

  • Focus on who matters

I’ve had to put my foot down and rearrange some of my days to keep myself healthy and sane. First, I make sure to spend time with Matt. He is, afterall, the one I am going to be marrying! Planning a wedding should not mean neglecting time with him.  Preparing for our marriage is much more important than deciding what flowers to use.


  • Unplug

I force myself to put down electronics. I can get lost in Instagram, inspiration for wedding pictures, and DIYing ideas on Pinterest if I’m not careful. For a few minutes every day, I put away my electronics and spend time relaxing. I may use this time for a bath, for baking, or for just lying on the couch with my eyes closed. No matter what I do, it has to be something unrelated to my obligations and only important to my own self-care.


  • Resting and recovering

I don’t sacrifice sleep. We all know how important sleep is to our bodies–it gives us energy, resets our bodies for a new day, helps our beauty routines, and improves our moods. I’m not willing to delay the wellness of my brain and body to try and decide on centerpiece details. If I don’t get rest, all the details of the wedding will start to get sloppy. Plus, no one likes a cranky bride!

The joy of wedding planning can turn overwhelming if you don’t manage your time well. Set aside time each day or week to make wedding decisions, but don’t obsess about it 24/7. You need to keep yourself healthy and happy. You don’t want to look back on this process and have a negative view of it because you couldn’t relax! The more time you devote to yourself and your partner, the easier the planning will be and the less your brain will worry. Again, you’re preparing for a marriage, not just the wedding and the reception. Don’t let your party be so distracting that you don’t plan for life after the party.
If you have some great ideas to de-stress, please share them! We can never run out of more ideas to relax and enjoy life as it comes!

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Guest Bride Blogger Kristen Shares: Creating The Perfect Gift Registry!



Putting together a bridal registry always sounded so fun and exciting. You essentially go to a store and scan any household item you want.

Before we decided to go and begin registering I went online and did some research. Well, that probably wasn’t the best idea. I went from being super excited to overwhelmed in an instant.

There is so much you need to think about as a couple. For instance, we didn’t even think about a color scheme for the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. After talks on the way there we agreed on keeping things a neutral color so it would go with everything for our future home.

There is also so much you have to register for that you wouldn’t even think of.

I went to Pinterest and printed out a few checklists before we headed to the stores.

These checklists have helped us think about what exactly we need and don’t need for us as a couple.

Our first stop was at Macys. This is where we have decided we will register for our main kitchen and house hold needs. Our dinnerware, pots and pans, baking essentials along with luggage and more. We opened our registry and received the fun scanner that my fiancé couldn’t wait to use.


The other store we decided to register with is Target. Target is one of our favorite stores to go to as a couple. Anything we need we just go to Target and we will find it. That was one of the main reasons we chose to register at Target. They also always have good sales so figured that would help our family and friends as well.

In Target, we decided to register for the Kitchenaid mixer, kitchen gadgets, our bathroom items along with bedroom items.

We couldn’t finish it all in one day. It makes things so much easier that we can add items to our registry online, which is what we will do.

Overall, it was a fun experience. It wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be. We still have a lot of work to do to both lists but we are very happy with it so far.

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Guest Blogger Amy Shares: Huge Baby News!

On the 9th of February 2017 we welcomed our beautiful daughter Miliana Rose in to the world and she couldn’t be more perfect if she tried. She is in the 4% of babies who actually arrive on their due date making her birthday even more special. I went completely natural and put my hypnobirthing classes to work as best I could. It was the hardest, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. After a 22 hour labour having her put on my chest and us both being completely awake with her knowing how to breastfeed straight away and my fiancé by my side, I cried tears of pure love and happiness. It was such an amazing feeling, I don’t think I’ve ever been that happy in my entire life and something I will never forget. After doing it without the painkillers that I’d been offered, I felt so empowered and I know that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I highly recommend hypnobirthing classes, the hypnobirthing book and a natural birth if it is physically possible for you. 

So the 3 weeks after giving birth have been full of mothering, learning as I go and trying to rest and recover where I can. Over the last week I have started my journey to my post baby bikini body by cleaning up my diet and going for walks with Bub in the pram. I am doing this for my own health not just physical but internal and mental and also to give the best nutrients possible to my daughter. I may have had a couple of sneaky early Easter Eggs today but made sure I didn’t have too much and burned them off. A treat here and there every now and then is more than ok and prevents you feeling deprived, especially when your fiancé is a huge snack monster. 

I hope to reach my goal long before the wedding but I am going to take my time, love myself no matter what and be grateful for the skin I’m in. Self-love is the most important love because when you love yourself, you allow yourself to love those around you better. I will keep you updated on my health and fitness journey in the lead up to the wedding and offer tips, as I am sure you are all working towards your own body goals for the wedding day. Being a qualified personal trainer should make this adventure easier. I am going to document all of my workouts and develop a training plan for getting back in to shape post baby and also getting fit and toned for the wedding. If you are not sure where to start with your health and fitness plan, I would love to help you all on your journey. <3

What other wedding planning have I tried to squeeze in? Right now I am starting to get my bridesmaids organised. I have been looking at the foot jewels for them to wear as this will be easiest on the sand, I have found the tops I want at Grace Loves Lace (beautiful lace crops) and I just need to find the right material for the high waist long skirts to be made. I can tell my bridesmaids are getting more excited as the weeks go on. I think my maid of honor is hanging out for the hen’s party…. God knows what she has planned for me. 

While I am getting my bridesmaids organised, I am on the countdown…only 8 weeks until I fly to the Gold Coast Australia for my day in the Grace Loves Lace showroom. There are so many unique and elegant dresses that I can’t wait to try on. I am so excited, I think it will really hit me that I am getting married when I turn and look at myself in the mirror all dressed in white… I almost have tears in my eyes just picturing it.

For now that is about it for my update (being a new mum has been quite demanding, leaving not much time at all for the wedding planning). By the time I check in with you next month I am hoping to give you an update on the extra entertainment we are looking at booking, a few pictures of the arch once we have decided on the “right” one, flowers, theming, RSVP’s and which distinctive Fijian boutonniere we decide on for our guests.

I hope you all have a magnificent month! 

Amy xx

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Save Money By Tossing These Wedding Traditions!

Photography: One Love Photo 

Modern brides are breaking rules and cutting wedding traditions that do not fit their dream days vision or style. While traditions such as a breathtaking gown are still high on the list of wedding traditions brides opt to keep, there are other traditions that can get tossed with the bouquet.
Check out the top 3 traditions to cut to save:
  • Wedding Favors:

Wedding favors are a traditional way to thank guests for taking the time to share in your special day. Couples may provide favors such as personalized trinkets to take as a parting gift. While a thoughtful gift, many wedding favors are left behind or tossed after the big day. Skip wedding favors by instead investing in guest related details. Add funds towards wedding entertainment, such as photo booths, or sweets, such as donuts or an ice cream bar. Guests can enjoy at the actual wedding opposed to leaving behind or potentially having no use for.


  • Wedding  Cakes:
Traditionally, it’s hard to think of a wedding without a wedding cake. While a popular and traditional choice, wedding cakes often come at a cost. The more guests, the more cake required. The more tiers and elaborate details, the more expensive the cake. Modern couples have found the secret way to save and cut their cake expenses significantly. By opting for “fake cakes”, cakes are on showcase for pictures and even cutting the cake yet guests are served cake slices from the kitchen. Cake bakers decorate a false cake, typically using styrofoam, while creating a small section with real cake materials for the purpose of cutting the cake. Real slices are then served to guests from the back, saving on the cost of a real tiered cake. Guests will never know the difference and will still enjoy cake slices!
  • Ceremony Decor:

Wedding decor accounts for on average 8-10% of your total wedding budget. This includes flowers and arrangements for the ceremony and reception. Your guests will only spend a short time at your wedding ceremony, meaning decor will only be seen for a short time as well. Keep ceremony decor to a minimal or skip all together to save. Use your ceremony decor budget towards reception decor as guests will spend most of their time at your reception venue. Save on ceremony decor by using budget friendly decor, such as loose petals down the aisle to save opposed to costly arrangements.