Getting Started Series – Recap

We’ve made it through our first of many wedding planning series! Whoohoo! 

Our first series, “Getting Started” took on everything you need to know once you are engaged. From wedding terms you need to know to secret tips to consider before setting your wedding date, we hope that you feel equipped to take on your wedding planning tasks like a pro!

The good news is that we are just getting started! Our next series will take on the all important topic of the budget.

In the meantime, take a look back at our full Getting Started Series and share below future topics that you would like to see in the comments! 

14 Planning Decisions Every Bride Will Consider

Sound Like A Pro: Wedding Terms You Need To Know

The Most Important Thing To Consider Before Setting Your Wedding Date 

How To Set Aside Time To Plan Your Wedding With Ease

How To Bring Your Wedding To Life

How To Choose Your Wedding Party

Secrets To Trim Hundreds From Your Wedding Budget – Guaranteed!

20 Biggest Regrets Every Bride Wants You To Know!

5 Expensive Mistakes To Avoid That Every Bride Needs To Know!

Who Pays For the Wedding Anyways?

6 Secrets To Strategically Setting Your Wedding Date That Nobody Tells You

Get The Answer To The #1 Way To Avoid Exceeding Your Wedding Budget

The #1 Way To Avoid Exceeding Your Wedding Day Budget

The Engagement Party: The Who, What, When, Where And Why

Help! I Just Got Engaged And Don’t Know Where To Begin

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Getting Started Series: Help! I just got engaged and don’t know where to begin!

During our Wediquette Wednesday Q&A feature, we are always asked where to begin planning after getting engaged. With hundreds of decisions to make during the planning journey, we understand how overwhelming it can be to know where to begin.  

Check out our roundup of the 13 things that every bride should consider after getting engaged below!

  • Consider your wedding vision

We recommend that you make this your first step after getting engaged so that you spend time imagining your wedding vision, free from outside influence. This will be an amazing way to infuse personalized touches to your day that truly speak to you! Be sure to discuss with your fiancé to share ideas.

  • Consider your wedding budget

Your budget will not only determine how much you can afford for your dream day, but also your engagement length. If on a budget, stretching out your engagement will allow additional time to save up funds for your big day! 

  • Consider possible wedding dates

We recommend that consider not only wedding dates but your ideal wedding seasons. Imagine the time of year that you would like your day to take place, such as you if you ideally would love your wedding to take place during the summer or if you would prefer a winter wedding. Considering the season will not only help make decisions towards your wedding theme, but will also come in handy as you contact venues. You may find more availability if you are open to dates in a given season, opposed to one particular date.

  • Consider the wedding city

Decide if you will stay local or even have a destination wedding. If  your finance is from a different location, spend time comparing costs between locations to help narrow down the best fit for your budget!


  • Consider your wedding guest list

Decide if you plan to keep things intimate with a small wedding, or expect to have a larger wedding. Be sure to consider a ballpark number of guests, such as keeping your guest list under 100 guests or between 220-250 guests.

  • Consider the wedding venue

Consider the best style wedding venue for your day. Compare the pros and cons of venue space types, such as the amenities and cost to host your day in various venue types. You may decide that a banquet hall is the best fit or that a beach wedding is the perfect fit. 

  • Consider your wedding party members

Consider the wedding party members, from the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers and even ushers.  A good rule of thumb is to have at least one wedding party member on each side for every 50 guests. 

  • Consider wedding activities

Your wedding activities include the bridal shower, bachelorette party and engagement party. After getting engaged, consider if you will have an engagement party. We recommend that you host your engagement party within 3 months of your proposal. 

  • Consider your vendors

It’s never too early to begin researching vendors! In fact, we recommend that you begin right away! Many vendors, especially those that are popular and in demand, book months, even a year or more in advance. Begin researching vendors early so that you have plenty of time to research, interview and compare.

  • Consider the gown

Saying yes to the dress may take time, or you may find your dream gown on the first try! The first step is to consider your gown budget, then begin to save inspiration images of gown styles that speak to you. Try to find brides with similar body types to note gown styles that accentuate and flatter!

  • Consider the honeymoon

Decide if a honeymoon will fit into your wedding budget. You may have to dish out funds for honeymoon expenses, such as booking flights and even excursions, while also making purchases towards your wedding. We recommend that you consider if you can afford both wedding expenses and a honeymoon. The good news is that many couples are opting to have their honeymoon a few months after the big day, and even their 1 year anniversary, to allow time to save!   

  • Consider wedding decor

Once you have locked in your venue space, begin to save decor inspiration images for your ceremony and reception.  We recommend that you wait until you book your venue space so that your decor fits your venue space.

  • Consider the little details

There are countless little details to consider, from creating the menu to selecting flower girl baskets, that can feel never ending! We recommend that you avoid trying to take on all the little details alone. After getting engaged, consider who can lend a hand to avoid the stress of trying to do it all!


For over 100 more tips that every bride must know while planning their big day, get your copy of our e-book today by clicking the link below!

Getting Started Series: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide!

We are so excited to launch our first e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

When it comes to taking on wedding to do tasks, we hear “I’m so overwhelmed with so many to do tasks” and  “I don’t know where to even begin” all of the time from planning brides and understand how incredibly stressful and overwhelming planning a wedding can be.

On average, planning a wedding requires a minimum of 500 hours to take on the hundreds of decisions from creating the guest list, selecting vendors, determining the budget, saying yes to the dress, selecting wedding decor and so much more.

Finding assistance in planning can be stressful in itself but is crucial to stay on budget, on schedule, to minimize stress and to know what steps to follow as you plan from engaged to the big day.  Most wedding timeline guides aimed to provide a checklist of steps to fulfill while planning are simply one-page bullet points filled with dozens of to do tasks that do not actually walk through each step of the process.   Wedding planning books often take on detailed topics within a single chapter that simply doesn’t spend the necessary time to truly detail how to take on tough topics.  For the most comprehensive assistance, brides find that hiring a full-service wedding planner on average starts at $2,000 and a simple consultation for assistance averages at $40-$60 an hour, which may be out of budget.   

We are solving this common and stressful problem through our first e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide, to help remove the stress often accompanied with wedding planning so that you can spend more time enjoying your journey! 

Our in-depth 130 page book walks you through each planning task starting with the engagement to the actual wedding day so that you feel like you are sitting down with a wedding planner but for a fraction of the price! As your own personal wedding planners, we walk through over 100 essential steps and expert tips  you must know for every little step along the way. We explain when tasks should get crossed off the calendar, expensive mistakes to avoid, what to consider for each decision, secrets to save, stay organized and cross off tasks like a pro! 

Jump in where you are in the process or start from the beginning for wedding planning that makes sense!  We even share how to easily adjust to meet your planning length so whether you are planning for 6 months or 24 months, our guide works for you!

Click the link below to grab a copy while in stock!

Getting Started Series: 5 Expensive Mistakes To Avoid That Every Bride Needs To Know!

5 Expensive Mistakes To Avoid That Every Bride Needs To Know!


Avoid making expensive mistakes while planning by learning these 5 expensive mistakes that every bride needs to know!

  • Selecting a random date for your big day

While it is romantic to select a sentimental day for the big day, it can also run the risk of being a costly selection. Be sure to select a wedding date that gives you the best for your bank by seeking dates that are off season! Be sure to ask your vendors and venues when their prices are higher and days that they are at a discounted rate to learn their off season prices.

  • Out of season floral choices

Remember that flowers are a  hefty part of your overall wedding budget. Avoid making the expensive mistake of selecting out of season floral choices that can tack on extra fees! Share images of floral choices to your florist and ask if the price of your choice will be raised for any reason during the season of your big day. If so, ask if your florist can recommend similar styles at a more budget friendly rate.

  • Inviting everyone!

Avoid the temptation to say yes to guests that didn’t make the guest list. While not the most comfortable conversation, adding onto your guest list can be a costly mistake…especially if it’s due to guilt!  Remember that your guest count is your number one wedding-related expense—don’t make the expensive mistake of adding guests that you can’t afford!  Set rules for who you will invite and stick to them by only inviting additional guests once you know it will not impact your budget. You can also only invite additional guests in place of invited guests that have sent their RSVP regrets.  

  • Not asking for help

Unless you are a wedding planner or have planned tons of successful large-scale events in the past, chances are doing it yourself may not be the best idea. While we understand it may be hard to relinquish control or trust others with your vision, it is best to not only bring in the pros but trust their opinion! Finding a professional that you feel comfortable with is super important to trust your vision in their hands. They can explain why an idea may or may not work and to provide alternatives that will. Be sure to also consider friends and family that may have their own talents and skills to assist in lending a hand. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do it all yourself, be sure to seek advice to pull together the perfect day!

  • Buying before locking in details

Avoid the temptation to make a purchase until you are certain you will need it and know exactly how it will be used.  Resist the urge to splurge until it becomes a need and not a want.  Every unnecessary purchase ultimately takes from your overall budget and quickly adds up. Wait until you are absolutely sure that a purchase will be incorporated into the big day before saying yes, it will save you in the long run!



For over 100 more tips that every bride must know while planning their big day, get your copy of our e-book today by clicking the link below!


Getting Started Series: Secrets To Trim Hundreds From Your Wedding Budget-Guranteed!

Secrets To Trim Hundreds From Your Wedding Budget Guaranteed!




Before you lock in your budget, learn the proven and expert-approved ways to save HUNDREDS from your budget-GUARANTEED!

#1 Your Guests WILL Cost You

If you recall that in our post, Sound Like A Pro: Wedding Terms You Need To Know, we learned that almost 50% of your budget will go towards reception related expenses such as food, the bar and your venue! The #1 factor that will most contribute to exceeding your reception budget is based on the amount of guests that you have on your big  For guaranteed savings, cutting or keeping your guest count under control is the best way to keep your budget in check!


The average cost to host a single guest for your wedding can start as low as $50 for a simplistic wedding all the way up to $400 and up for a luxury wedding! This includes details such as catering, seating, invitations, wedding favors and even decor. The average per guest cost will vary based on factors such as the city, venue space and formality of the day.   The more guests, the more you will invest in guest related details.


Avoid the risk of inviting guests until you are certain that you absolutely financially can afford to. For a simple estimate to check how much your guests will cost you, start by calculating the venue cost per guest by your estimated guest count number. For instance, if your venue fee is $60 per guest and you estimate inviting 150 guests, expect to spend an average of $9,000 on just your venue space.  This doesn’t include additional guest related needs such as invitations and favors. While researching venues, consider the cost per guest and your guest count to ensure that you can afford each and every guest before sending out an invitation.


 #2 Your Location Will Cost You

Ever wonder why a bride with a relatively similar wedding in a different city spent considerably more or less on her day?


The answer is simple, the location of your day can literally cost you! The cost of weddings varies by state, cities and even counties.  Cities just miles apart can vary in the cost to host a wedding, making it incredibly important to research the average cost to wed in cities near you.


Remain open to traveling to neighboring cities and even states to potentially save big! Expect higher costs close to major cities opposed to locations outside of the city. Be sure to call around to estimate costs in various cities for potential savings.  Compare the cost of taxes in various cities for savings! 



During the planning journey, every decision that you make can ultimately cost you! Walk with us through over 100 steps from just engaged to walking down the aisle to learn secrets you can’t afford to miss!  Click the image below to get your hands on our e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Timeline Guide!



Getting Started Series: Solved – Get The Answer To The #1 Way To Avoid Exceeding Your Wedding Day Budget!

Solved! Get The Answer To The #1 Way To Avoid Exceeding Your Wedding Day Budget


Picture this scenario. At the start of your wedding planning journey, you set your goal wedding budget at $16,000. To play it safe, you even set the absolute maximum that you can spend over your goal budget at $20,000. Fast forward to only a few months away from the big day and you discover that you have somehow exceeded your maximum budget by over $5,000 and still have to make final deposits.  What you hoped would be a $16,000 day is now over $25,000 and counting.

Believe it or not, this happens time and time again. 61% of planning couples report that they exceeded their wedding budget. Although common, the great news is that we have the secret of how to avoid!

The #1 way to avoid exceeding your wedding budget is to set and rank priorities for all wedding related needs.  The trick is to consider what matters most opposed to purchasing everything typically included in a traditional wedding.  

Before you get knee deep into wedding planning, spend time first determining what is most important to you on your big day. This will be a tool to use on your big day to:


  • Determine where to invest
  • Determine where to cut
  • Determine where to splurge


You will be able to look back on your big day with confidence that you didn’t compromise where it matters most. You will also be able to avoid seeing every detail as a priority by ranking in order of importance.  


Remember our blog post, Sound Like A Pro: Wedding Terms You Need To Know?  There are countless decisions to make while planning, from selecting your wedding stationary to deciding if you will wear a veil. Some decisions may not have much personal value to you, while others you may not be able to imagine not including in your day.  To remain on track, start by considering what matters most and invest in those things first. For instance, if you can’t imagine investing in your dream gown but are undecided on booking a videographer, invest in a videographer after you have purchased your dream gown.  We recommend that you start by focusing on 3 wedding must-haves that you can’t imagine not having on your big day. 


Start with 3 wedding must-haves to avoid investing in too many areas at once. Once you have invested in 3 items, check your budget before moving onto 3 more.  Keep narrowing your choices in order of importance by selecting new groups of 3 until all items are selected.  The last items selected are the items you should consider making the most cuts and compromises on to make way for the items at the top of your list!

For more steps on setting (and sticking to) your Top 3 Wedding Must Haves, as well as a journal page to easily map our your must haves, grab a copy of our e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide!  

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Getting Started Series: Who Pays For The Wedding?

Who Pays For The Wedding?



Of all the many wedding day topics, from the gown to the venue, the #1 most searched wedding topic is the super stressful and yucky word…”budget”. 

While the topic of the budget may be extremely unromantic, it is incredibly important to discuss at the start of the planning journey.  For some couples, it may not me a major concern, while for others it may be a determining factor for many wedding decisions. 

The topic is one of importance for good reason…having a wedding will be one of the biggest investments that you make!  Even a wedding for under $10,000 is a considerable amount of money that requires savvy ways to stretch your dollar.

Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss our upcoming series that will focus on the wedding budget. Until then, let’s get started by taking on the first question to consider:

Who pays for the wedding and what is the best way to pay for your day?



                              Photography: Trevor Booth


Traditionally speaking, the majority of wedding day expenses are covered as follows:

The bride’s family pays for:

  • Reception costs including decor, food, entertainment, rentals, music
  • Ceremony costs including decor and rentals
  • Flowers for the ceremony and reception
  • The bride’s gown and accessories
  • Photography and videography
  • Stationary including invitations, programs, and even postage
  • Favors for guests
  • Transportation

The groom’s parents pays for:

The rehearsal dinner expenses including food, decor, invitations

The bride pays for:

  • Her beauty needs including hair and makeup
  • The grooms wedding band
  • A gift for the groom
  • Gifts for her wedding party

The groom pays for:

  • The bride’s engagement ring and wedding band
  • The marriage license
  • The bride’s bouquet
  • The honeymoon
  • A gift for the bride
  • Gifts for his wedding party
  • Officiant fee
  • Corsages and boutonnières for the mothers, grandmothers, and groomsmen

Before you panic, we have good news!

The days of the traditional who pays guide is often considered a thing of the past as many couples are opting for paying for their day in a way that works less from them instead of going by the traditional ways to pay.

This includes:

  • Couples covering expenses 100% themselves
  • Couples accepting some contributions

For some couples, the only choice is to cover all wedding expenses themselves. For others, they may receive contributions that range from gifts for specific wedding based needs or a specific dollar amount towards wedding expenses.

When considering if accepting contributions is right for you, first consider a few key questions:

  • Will accepting the contribution mean that the final decision is up to the contributor?

While planning, you may find that there are many opinions thrown your way from family, friends and even colleagues. While some can be incredibly helpful, you may also find it difficult to simply stand firm towards what means most to you if it conflicts with the opinion of others. This can be especially difficult when related to immediate family, especially if contributing.  


The best way to keep control of your wedding day decisions is to not accept contributions. When you accept financial assistance, you may find that it is challenging to hold onto control of all decisions.  Paying for the day without help from others is a sure way to control all decisions.

  • Did you set clear expectations before accepting contributions?

Before accepting any contributions, discuss if you hope to make final decisions or if you are open to suggestions. Be clear if you prefer to make sole decisions and if your contributor will still give resources if they are not given final say. 


If your contributor prefers to have final say on the item that they are willing to contribute, consider asking them to contribute towards an area that you don’t have a strong opinion on. You may ask if they are willing to take on your catering expenses if you are flexible with the menu style while asking another contributor to take on an area that you can make final decisions on, such as the gown.   


The method that works best is completely up to the couple with one incredibly important condition: that funding your dream day NEVER, EVER leads to debt in any fashion. Get it? Got it? Good!


For over 100 additional steps to consider, get your copy of our limited edition e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Timeline Guide while still in stock! Click the image below to get your copy!


Getting Started Series: How To Set Aside Time To Plan Your Wedding!

How To Set Aside Time Tp Plan Your Wedding!



Fun Facts:

  • It takes 40 hours to drive from New York to Los Angeles
  • It would take 60 uninterrupted hours to read every Harry Potter book from start to finish
  • It takes roughly 140 hours to binge watch 2 full series of your favorite shows 

Add those hours together and you also have the average time it takes to plan a wedding! To say that wedding planning will be an incredibly time-consuming task is putting it lightly. Finding over 250 hours minimum to plan one of the biggest days of your life, all while balancing work and life obligations, may feel next to impossible. With only 24 hours in the day, it’s easy to understand why!

Most brides spend an average of 11 hours a week planning their wedding. That amounts to about 500 hours dedicated to planning the average wedding!  


Setting aside time early in the planning journey will save you not only time but stress! Savvy brides that have found the key to planning their day with ease know the importance of carefully planning around their personal schedule to maintain a healthy balance of wedding planning and life obligations. While it may feel impossible, the great news is that it can be done! 


First, walk with us through how your style of wedding planning time management can affect your planning experience. Prioritizing, staying organized, meeting deadlines and staying on task are crucial in avoiding stress while planning, but may not be your strengths. It is important to acknowledge areas that may not be your strong point so that they do not affect your planning journey by creating unnecessary stress.

Start by determining the type of wedding planning time management style sounds most like you and the best tips to consider when setting aside time to plan: 


You Know You’re A Busy Bride When:

The challenge for the busy bride is finding the time in their busy schedule to plan for their big day. The minimum time needed to plan a wedding is at least 11 hours a week. For the busy bride, finding an additional 11 hours in their week may feel next to impossible. While you can’t add hours to the day, you can find additional time with a few simple adjustments!

We Suggest:

  • Starting The Day Early!

Starting the day even 20 minutes earlier every day can add over an hour of extra planning time a week! Get a head start by waking early to get a head start on crossing off tasks before even starting your day!


You Know You’re A Procrastinating When:

With hundreds of decisions to make and deadlines that cannot be missed, being a procrastinating bride will result in guaranteed stress! 

We Suggest:

  • Keeping close tabs of all deadlines and sticking to them.

When it comes to wedding planning, you simply cannot afford to miss important deadlines.  Missing deadlines during your planning journey can result in accumulating additional fees or even missing the opportunity to lock in a vendor if you failed to meet a deadline to book. We recommend that you note on a calendar all due dates cross a to-do task off the list and setting a given task and set reminders so that you never miss a deadline. for the procrastinator, set deadlines a week before the actual final date the task must be fulfilled to get a head start. Download free helpful apps to stay on track such To Do Reminder, Wunderlist and BZ Reminder


You Know You’re An On Task Bride When:

You’ve got everything under control and are crossing off items on your list like a pro! You have mastered the art of taking on a list of to-do items, make every deadline and may have even completed some tasks in advance!

We Suggest:

Practice trying out some DIY ideas! Try creating your own invitations, favors and even bouquet to save big! With the extra time available, you can spend time practicing until confident you can recreate for the big day!



You Know You’re A Overwhelmed Bride When:

No matter how much time you have set aside to plan or how many organizational tools you have tried, you just can’t seem to keep calm during your journey.  Wedding planning in itself is very stressful and the never ending list of items to do are no help in putting your emotions at ease.  Even for the most overwhelmed bride, there is hope!

We Suggest:

Delegating tasks to friends and family to help take your list of planning to do tasks.

Express that you are a bit stressed with all of the planning details and could use a helping hand. Avoid trying to take on every detail alone by spreading out tasks to willing family and friends.  Discuss areas that you need assistance with and if they can even recommend anyone else that may be interested in helping as well. They may be able to recommend friends, colleagues or acquaintances with services or skills that are willing to help!


                                                                  Photography: Justin Wright



Once you’ve determined your planning style, follow these 4 simple and must have ways to get rid of stress during your planning journey that every bride to be can (and should) say yes to!

  • Stay Organized:

The #1 way to remain stress-free is to stay organized! Keeping your tasks, notes and documents organized will prevent the stress that comes from struggling to keep up with a never ending list of to do tasks on your list. Check out our e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide, for an entire chapter dedicated to creating your own wedding binder to stay organized!

  • Don’t Forget Date Nights:

Don’t forget to make time for fun and date nights with the groom to be! Consider incorporating tasks from your wedding checklist such as checking out live music for potential wedding day entertainment or local restaurants to play host for your rehearsal dinner!  

  • Find One Way To Destress:

Going to a spa, getting a massage or taking up yoga may not be your thing. Make it a priority to find one way that consistently works for your to destress and keep calm. Try to find a few ways that are easily accessible and even free. You may need immediate stress relief that doesn’t require funds that are tied up in the wedding or an appointment before you can access. Consider binge watching new shows, taking a walk while blasting music, downloading fun games on your phone or picking up a new book. 

  • Pick Up A Hobby:

If you already have a hobby, now is the time to break it out for a detox method that involves doing something that you love.  Take your mind off weddings for a moment by doing something that you love to refocus. Give yourself short increments so that you don’t get completely distracted but instead spend time enjoying yourself on occasional much-needed breaks.




For the ultimate guide to beat stress during planning, you MUST grab a copy of our e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Planning GuideWalk with us through over 100 planning steps from selecting vendors, the venue and even creative ways to save. Our easy to follow guide walks through every step so that you have fast, practical answers to every planning decision from engagement to the big day! Click the image below to get started!

How To Plan Your Wedding With Engaged To The Details!


Photography: Serena of Flytographer

                         Photography: Serena of Flytographer



Welcome to Engaged To The Details!  Whether you are a wedding enthusiast, just engaged or in the final months of planning, we are so excited to have you join us!                                                                                                                                 

We know that wedding planning can be an overwhelming task and understand the amount of work that goes into planning one of the biggest days of your life.  The average wedding planning journey requires hundreds of decisions and hours of work before seeing your vision come to life on your wedding day.  

With Engaged To The Details, we hope to remove the stress often accompanied with wedding planning so that you can spend more time enjoying your journey! Through our blog posts, e-books and so much more, we will take on hundreds of topics to guide you through the planning journey step by step.  

Take a look at the 14 crucial topics every bride to be will consider during the planning journey that we will spend time breaking down each week!     

  • The Budget

While not the most romantic wedding planning topic, the budget is one of the most important topics to consider while planning and one of our favorites! Our focus is teaching how to plan a dream wedding that doesn’t break the bank! We will discuss practical tips and steps to bring your dream day to life no matter your budget! Whether your budget is under $10,000 or $40,000, we’ve got you covered! 

  • The Vendors

From the photographer to the florist, selecting your cast of vendors will be a crucial part of successfully bringing your day to life. We share our top picks across the country to get the Engaged To The Details look for every budget!

  • Weddings By City

It may be an easy choice to select where your wedding will take place if you are from the same city as your fiancé, or you may have to choose between cities if you do not share hometowns. You may even consider a destination wedding! We take on cities to give our take on what makes it an ideal wedding location whether you are on the east coast, west coast, down south or in between!

  • The Venue

Selecting your ceremony and reception spaces will be one of the biggest and most expensive choices you will make. We share must-know tips on choosing the perfect venue and even our hand selected venue choices for every budget!

  • The Décor

When it comes to your wedding decor, there will be countless decisions to make from the best flower choices to centerpiece arrangements! Join us as we take on not only inspiration but practical steps to recreate popular styles without breaking the bank!

  • Wedding Attire

Saying yes to the dress that best fits your budget and style will be one of the most important decisions you will make! With so many choices available, we walk through the best of the best gown styles, tips to select the perfect gown and more!  

  • The Guest List

Determining who will be there to celebrate the big day is a huge and often stressful task! We take on how to take on the guest list like a pro!

  • Wedding Style

There are so many wedding styles to choose from and determining the best theme and style for your day can be surprisingly stressful. There are countless ideas to consider such as the colors and formality for your day. We explore how to recreate the look of our own 13 Engaged To The Details bridal styles! 

  • The Wedding Date

Determining when your day will take place, as well as the time and preferred season is an incredibly crucial task. We tackle everything you need to know before setting the date!

  • The Wedding Party Members

Learn everything you need to know about the wedding party, from how to select your wedding party members to their responsibilities!

  • Wedding Activities

We explain the must-know details for planning wedding activities such as your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and even rehearsal dinner!

  • Wedding Etiquette

From how to inform your guests your wedding will be adults only to when you should send out wedding invitations, we take on “weddiquette” questions you need to know!

  • The Little Details

We take on ideas and tips for selecting every little detail from the gift registry, guestbook, favors, traditions and more!

  • The Honeymoon

We walk you through planning the honeymoon by sharing honeymoon locations for every budget!

Be sure that you never miss out as we take on each topic by: