Getting Started Series: Secrets To Trim Hundreds From Your Wedding Budget-Guranteed!

Secrets To Trim Hundreds From Your Wedding Budget Guaranteed!




Before you lock in your budget, learn the proven and expert-approved ways to save HUNDREDS from your budget-GUARANTEED!

#1 Your Guests WILL Cost You

If you recall that in our post, Sound Like A Pro: Wedding Terms You Need To Know, we learned that almost 50% of your budget will go towards reception related expenses such as food, the bar and your venue! The #1 factor that will most contribute to exceeding your reception budget is based on the amount of guests that you have on your big  For guaranteed savings, cutting or keeping your guest count under control is the best way to keep your budget in check!


The average cost to host a single guest for your wedding can start as low as $50 for a simplistic wedding all the way up to $400 and up for a luxury wedding! This includes details such as catering, seating, invitations, wedding favors and even decor. The average per guest cost will vary based on factors such as the city, venue space and formality of the day.   The more guests, the more you will invest in guest related details.


Avoid the risk of inviting guests until you are certain that you absolutely financially can afford to. For a simple estimate to check how much your guests will cost you, start by calculating the venue cost per guest by your estimated guest count number. For instance, if your venue fee is $60 per guest and you estimate inviting 150 guests, expect to spend an average of $9,000 on just your venue space.  This doesn’t include additional guest related needs such as invitations and favors. While researching venues, consider the cost per guest and your guest count to ensure that you can afford each and every guest before sending out an invitation.


 #2 Your Location Will Cost You

Ever wonder why a bride with a relatively similar wedding in a different city spent considerably more or less on her day?


The answer is simple, the location of your day can literally cost you! The cost of weddings varies by state, cities and even counties.  Cities just miles apart can vary in the cost to host a wedding, making it incredibly important to research the average cost to wed in cities near you.


Remain open to traveling to neighboring cities and even states to potentially save big! Expect higher costs close to major cities opposed to locations outside of the city. Be sure to call around to estimate costs in various cities for potential savings.  Compare the cost of taxes in various cities for savings! 


During the planning journey, every decision that you make can ultimately cost you! Walk with us through over 100 steps from just engaged to walking down the aisle to learn secrets you can’t afford to miss!  Click the image below to get your hands on our e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Timeline Guide!



Getting Started Series: Solved – Get The Answer To The #1 Way To Avoid Exceeding Your Wedding Day Budget!

Solved! Get The Answer To The #1 Way To Avoid Exceeding Your Wedding Day Budget


Picture this scenario. At the start of your wedding planning journey, you set your goal wedding budget at $16,000. To play it safe, you even set the absolute maximum that you can spend over your goal budget at $20,000. Fast forward to only a few months away from the big day and you discover that you have somehow exceeded your maximum budget by over $5,000 and still have to make final deposits.  What you hoped would be a $16,000 day is now over $25,000 and counting.

Believe it or not, this happens time and time again. 61% of planning couples report that they exceeded their wedding budget. Although common, the great news is that we have the secret of how to avoid!

The #1 way to avoid exceeding your wedding budget is to set and rank priorities for all wedding related needs.  The trick is to consider what matters most opposed to purchasing everything typically included in a traditional wedding.  

Before you get knee deep into wedding planning, spend time first determining what is most important to you on your big day. This will be a tool to use on your big day to:


  • Determine where to invest
  • Determine where to cut
  • Determine where to splurge


You will be able to look back on your big day with confidence that you didn’t compromise where it matters most. You will also be able to avoid seeing every detail as a priority by ranking in order of importance.  


Remember our blog post, Sound Like A Pro: Wedding Terms You Need To Know?  There are countless decisions to make while planning, from selecting your wedding stationary to deciding if you will wear a veil. Some decisions may not have much personal value to you, while others you may not be able to imagine not including in your day.  To remain on track, start by considering what matters most and invest in those things first. For instance, if you can’t imagine investing in your dream gown but are undecided on booking a videographer, invest in a videographer after you have purchased your dream gown.  We recommend that you start by focusing on 3 wedding must-haves that you can’t imagine not having on your big day. 


Start with 3 wedding must-haves to avoid investing in too many areas at once. Once you have invested in 3 items, check your budget before moving onto 3 more.  Keep narrowing your choices in order of importance by selecting new groups of 3 until all items are selected.  The last items selected are the items you should consider making the most cuts and compromises on to make way for the items at the top of your list!

For more steps on setting (and sticking to) your Top 3 Wedding Must Haves, as well as a journal page to easily map our your must haves, grab a copy of our e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide!  

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5 Expensive Mistakes To Avoid That Every Bride Needs To Know!

5 Expensive Mistakes To Avoid That Every Bride Needs To Know!


Avoid making expensive mistakes while planning by learning these 5 expensive mistakes that every bride needs to know!

  • Selecting a random date for your big day

While it is romantic to select a sentimental day for the big day, it can also run the risk of being a costly selection. Be sure to select a wedding date that gives you the best for your bank by seeking dates that are off season! Be sure to ask your vendors and venues when their prices are higher and days that they are at a discounted rate to learn their off season prices.

  • Out of season floral choices

Remember that flowers are a  hefty part of your overall wedding budget. Avoid making the expensive mistake of selecting out of season floral choices that can tack on extra fees! Share images of floral choices to your florist and ask if the price of your choice will be raised for any reason during the season of your big day. If so, ask if your florist can recommend similar styles at a more budget friendly rate.

  • Inviting everyone!

Avoid the temptation to say yes to guests that didn’t make the guest list. While not the most comfortable conversation, adding onto your guest list can be a costly mistake…especially if it’s due to guilt!  Remember that your guest count is your number one wedding-related expense—don’t make the expensive mistake of adding guests that you can’t afford!  Set rules for who you will invite and stick to them by only inviting additional guests once you know it will not impact your budget. You can also only invite additional guests in place of invited guests that have sent their RSVP regrets.  

  • Not asking for help

Unless you are a wedding planner or have planned tons of successful large-scale events in the past, chances are doing it yourself may not be the best idea. While we understand it may be hard to relinquish control or trust others with your vision, it is best to not only bring in the pros but trust their opinion! Finding a professional that you feel comfortable with is super important to trust your vision in their hands. They can explain why an idea may or may not work and to provide alternatives that will. Be sure to also consider friends and family that may have their own talents and skills to assist in lending a hand. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do it all yourself, be sure to seek advice to pull together the perfect day!

  • Buying before locking in details

Avoid the temptation to make a purchase until you are certain you will need it and know exactly how it will be used.  Resist the urge to splurge until it becomes a need and not a want.  Every unnecessary purchase ultimately takes from your overall budget and quickly adds up. Wait until you are absolutely sure that a purchase will be incorporated into the big day before saying yes, it will save you in the long run!



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Getting Started Series: Who Pays For The Wedding?

Who Pays For The Wedding?



Of all the many wedding day topics, from the gown to the venue, the #1 most searched wedding topic is the super stressful and yucky word…”budget”. 

While the topic of the budget may be extremely unromantic, it is incredibly important to discuss at the start of the planning journey.  For some couples, it may not me a major concern, while for others it may be a determining factor for many wedding decisions. 

The topic is one of importance for good reason…having a wedding will be one of the biggest investments that you make!  Even a wedding for under $10,000 is a considerable amount of money that requires savvy ways to stretch your dollar.

Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss our upcoming series that will focus on the wedding budget. Until then, let’s get started by taking on the first question to consider:

Who pays for the wedding and what is the best way to pay for your day?



                              Photography: Trevor Booth


Traditionally speaking, the majority of wedding day expenses are covered as follows:

The bride’s family pays for:

  • Reception costs including decor, food, entertainment, rentals, music
  • Ceremony costs including decor and rentals
  • Flowers for the ceremony and reception
  • The bride’s gown and accessories
  • Photography and videography
  • Stationary including invitations, programs, and even postage
  • Favors for guests
  • Transportation

The groom’s parents pays for:

The rehearsal dinner expenses including food, decor, invitations

The bride pays for:

  • Her beauty needs including hair and makeup
  • The grooms wedding band
  • A gift for the groom
  • Gifts for her wedding party

The groom pays for:

  • The bride’s engagement ring and wedding band
  • The marriage license
  • The bride’s bouquet
  • The honeymoon
  • A gift for the bride
  • Gifts for his wedding party
  • Officiant fee
  • Corsages and boutonnières for the mothers, grandmothers, and groomsmen

Before you panic, we have good news!

The days of the traditional who pays guide is often considered a thing of the past as many couples are opting for paying for their day in a way that works less from them instead of going by the traditional ways to pay.

This includes:

  • Couples covering expenses 100% themselves
  • Couples accepting some contributions

For some couples, the only choice is to cover all wedding expenses themselves. For others, they may receive contributions that range from gifts for specific wedding based needs or a specific dollar amount towards wedding expenses.

When considering if accepting contributions is right for you, first consider a few key questions:

  • Will accepting the contribution mean that the final decision is up to the contributor?

While planning, you may find that there are many opinions thrown your way from family, friends and even colleagues. While some can be incredibly helpful, you may also find it difficult to simply stand firm towards what means most to you if it conflicts with the opinion of others. This can be especially difficult when related to immediate family, especially if contributing.  


The best way to keep control of your wedding day decisions is to not accept contributions. When you accept financial assistance, you may find that it is challenging to hold onto control of all decisions.  Paying for the day without help from others is a sure way to control all decisions.

  • Did you set clear expectations before accepting contributions?

Before accepting any contributions, discuss if you hope to make final decisions or if you are open to suggestions. Be clear if you prefer to make sole decisions and if your contributor will still give resources if they are not given final say. 


If your contributor prefers to have final say on the item that they are willing to contribute, consider asking them to contribute towards an area that you don’t have a strong opinion on. You may ask if they are willing to take on your catering expenses if you are flexible with the menu style while asking another contributor to take on an area that you can make final decisions on, such as the gown.   


The method that works best is completely up to the couple with one incredibly important condition: that funding your dream day NEVER, EVER leads to debt in any fashion. Get it? Got it? Good!


For over 100 additional steps to consider, get your copy of our limited edition e-book, Getting Started: The Ultimate Wedding Timeline Guide while still in stock! Click the image below to get your copy!