The Most Important Wedding Vendor To Book First

Photography: Sarah Ainsworth

For most weddings, there’s an average of 10 wedding vendors that will play a huge role in bringing the day to life. From the wedding photographer, transportation and even hair stylist, each wedding vendor plays a crucial role the wedding day. While it’s important to book all vendors in a timely manner, there is one vendor that will have the most impact on your overall day.

Which wedding vendor do you think has the most impact on your overall day?

A.) The Photographer

B.) The Officiant

C.) The Venue Space

D.) The Wedding Planner


If you answered C, The Venue Space, you are correct!

While the photographer provides the one lasting memory from the day, the officiant will officiate the day and the wedding planner will help find vendors that work within your budget and even keep you on task, the venue space has the most impact on your day overall.


  • Your Venue Space Is The Largest Wedding Related Expense:

On average, venue related expenses account for 48-50% of the overall wedding budget. Your venue space includes rental of the venue facility, food, bar and even staff.  Once your venue space is booked, you will have a better understanding of your remaining budget for additional wedding expenses. 



  • Your Venue Space Determines Your Wedding Date:

Your venue space will determine your actual wedding date. While you may hope to host your wedding on a particular date, you may find there are no venue spaces within your budget or needs for your preferred wedding date. Once you lock in your venue space, you can move on to book additional vendors as they will have a confirmed date that your day will be held.


Avoid sending save the date invites or booking vendors until your day is set. Consider if you hope to have a summer wedding yet find that prices are significantly less in November. If you’ve already sent save the dates, you will have to update guests of the date change. If you’ve already booked vendors, you will have to confirm that they have your new date available and there are no penalties to change the date.

  • Your Venue Space Determines Your Guest Count Size:

Avoid committing to your guest list until your venue space is booked. For instance, you may have a guest list of 200 guests but find that venue spaces to hold your desired guest number places you well out of budget. 


  • Your Venue Space Determines Your Wedding Style:

Hold off on setting your wedding decor style until your venue space is booked.  You may envision small, minimal centerpieces prior to booking your venue only to find that they would be underwhelming in your reception space.  Wait until your venue is booked to determine the best style for your wedding decor and even attire.  For instance, you may realize that soft hues for your bridesmaids will blend seamlessly with your ceremony venue space or that bold, jewel tones are a better choice.

  • Your Venue Space Determines Your Wedding Needs: 

Wait to invest in wedding needs, such as decor, until your venue space is booked. You may find that amenities, such as draping and lighting, are included in your venue space or even various decor, such as candelabras,  for centerpiece arrangements are included.

Guest Blogger Leah Shares: The Big Day!


Amazing, Incredible – A Dream:  This post will be primarily focused on my WEDDING as it was everything but a dream.

Wedding Day Bliss:  THE BIG DAY HAS ARRIVED! We started getting ready at 4AM with makeup (The Perfect Look) and hair (Bella Rocco Hair & Makeup). This was a very early wake-up call as we had to take pictures by 8:30am and the ceremony began at 11 am. To get prepared for the wedding was a lifetime experience and I was so glad that everyone was so positive about being up so early. Both hair and makeup teams were amazing, professional and an absolutely pleasure to work with. Everyone’s calm demeanor the morning of the wedding helped me remain calm.



Just remember to surround yourself with your loved ones and people who know how to make you relax and be calm on your wedding day.


First LOOK Photos:

For the day of the wedding, my fiancé and I decided to do first look photos, which means taking photos prior to the wedding. This allowed us to not taking photos during the cocktail hour, so we can enjoy all the food that was provided. We wanted to enjoy every moment and not feel rushed throughout the day.  Also by seeing each other before the ceremony, it allowed both of us to not feel so nervous once I walked down the aisle.


Based on your preference, you can choose to either take first look photos with your future husband/wife or you can have your family and friends watch.


For the reception, my now-husband and I wanted the wedding decorations to be simple yet elegant. Therefore, we asked our florist to mix our centerpieces with high and lows and added floating and tealight candles for the centerpiece. In case you are wondering what high and lows mean, it just references the high of your floral arrangement. Since our wedding was during the day, the mixture of flowers could stand out to our guests and loved ones.


By choosing to mix floral arrangements between “ lows” and “highs”, you can actually save money with the florist.




Our DJ & Entertainment company, Baseline Productions crushed our expectations in delivering amazing music & entertainment to our guests. For me, the most important part of a wedding is the music. It was so great hearing my favorite songs played during my wedding, I also enjoyed seeing my friends & family enjoyed themselves. Our DJ also brought a photobooth so while guests were entering the room, they were able to take photos with everyone.


Please feel free to continue to check out more details of the big wedding day on our photographer’s blog, which can be found here:

Guest Bride Blogger Leah Shares: Tips For Hosting The Bridal Shower!


This post will be primarily focused on my BRIDAL SHOWER as it was an amazing experience plus there were so many details that went into the planning.

Being Showered with Love:

In late February, I had my bridal shower in a beautiful reserved room at Maggiano’s (which has amazing Italian food – if you haven’t tried it). My amazing mother and bridesmaid hosted my bridal shower in a room full of closet family and friends. The décor and setting was more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Honestly I was nervous at first because there was so much attention focused on me but once it calmed down, I had a great time with everyone.



Even though tradition says you have only one maid of honor, if you have two best friends it’s okay to designate them both as your maid of honor. This also makes a less stressful situation for your friends.


If there is something you desire at your bridal shower, don’t be afraid to ask if it’s possible. I really wanted a chocolate fountain, therefore I was so excited when I received one. 

Follow my journey on Instagram @leahdaniellexo – until then I’ll keep you posted on what’s more to come!

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Guest Bride Blogger Leila Shares: Tips On How To Stay Stress Free!

Who else is trying to plan their wedding while working a full time job and balancing time with family, friends, and other obligations? I am and, as much as I try to fight it, I’m stressed.


I don’t regret my decision to not have a wedding planner…I like doing things myself. I like having complete control over what the wedding and reception will entail and going through this process with my fiancee. It’s fun to be able to involve our families in the planning, too! Unfortunately, there’s so much to do and still so little time in the day. By the time I finish my 40 hour (at minimum) week at work, spend time with my family, go to church, have date night, see friends, I’m overwhelmed and exhausted. I have zero energy for any extra obligations! I am re-prioritizing everything in my life and trying to be conscious about how I spend my time. Here’s what I do to keep myself from breaking down from stress:

  • Focus on who matters

I’ve had to put my foot down and rearrange some of my days to keep myself healthy and sane. First, I make sure to spend time with Matt. He is, afterall, the one I am going to be marrying! Planning a wedding should not mean neglecting time with him.  Preparing for our marriage is much more important than deciding what flowers to use.


  • Unplug

I force myself to put down electronics. I can get lost in Instagram, inspiration for wedding pictures, and DIYing ideas on Pinterest if I’m not careful. For a few minutes every day, I put away my electronics and spend time relaxing. I may use this time for a bath, for baking, or for just lying on the couch with my eyes closed. No matter what I do, it has to be something unrelated to my obligations and only important to my own self-care.


  • Resting and recovering

I don’t sacrifice sleep. We all know how important sleep is to our bodies–it gives us energy, resets our bodies for a new day, helps our beauty routines, and improves our moods. I’m not willing to delay the wellness of my brain and body to try and decide on centerpiece details. If I don’t get rest, all the details of the wedding will start to get sloppy. Plus, no one likes a cranky bride!

The joy of wedding planning can turn overwhelming if you don’t manage your time well. Set aside time each day or week to make wedding decisions, but don’t obsess about it 24/7. You need to keep yourself healthy and happy. You don’t want to look back on this process and have a negative view of it because you couldn’t relax! The more time you devote to yourself and your partner, the easier the planning will be and the less your brain will worry. Again, you’re preparing for a marriage, not just the wedding and the reception. Don’t let your party be so distracting that you don’t plan for life after the party.
If you have some great ideas to de-stress, please share them! We can never run out of more ideas to relax and enjoy life as it comes!

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Guest Bride Blogger Kristen Shares: Creating The Perfect Gift Registry!



Putting together a bridal registry always sounded so fun and exciting. You essentially go to a store and scan any household item you want.

Before we decided to go and begin registering I went online and did some research. Well, that probably wasn’t the best idea. I went from being super excited to overwhelmed in an instant.

There is so much you need to think about as a couple. For instance, we didn’t even think about a color scheme for the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. After talks on the way there we agreed on keeping things a neutral color so it would go with everything for our future home.

There is also so much you have to register for that you wouldn’t even think of.

I went to Pinterest and printed out a few checklists before we headed to the stores.

These checklists have helped us think about what exactly we need and don’t need for us as a couple.

Our first stop was at Macys. This is where we have decided we will register for our main kitchen and house hold needs. Our dinnerware, pots and pans, baking essentials along with luggage and more. We opened our registry and received the fun scanner that my fiancé couldn’t wait to use.


The other store we decided to register with is Target. Target is one of our favorite stores to go to as a couple. Anything we need we just go to Target and we will find it. That was one of the main reasons we chose to register at Target. They also always have good sales so figured that would help our family and friends as well.

In Target, we decided to register for the Kitchenaid mixer, kitchen gadgets, our bathroom items along with bedroom items.

We couldn’t finish it all in one day. It makes things so much easier that we can add items to our registry online, which is what we will do.

Overall, it was a fun experience. It wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be. We still have a lot of work to do to both lists but we are very happy with it so far.

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Guest Blogger Amy Shares: Huge Baby News!

On the 9th of February 2017 we welcomed our beautiful daughter Miliana Rose in to the world and she couldn’t be more perfect if she tried. She is in the 4% of babies who actually arrive on their due date making her birthday even more special. I went completely natural and put my hypnobirthing classes to work as best I could. It was the hardest, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. After a 22 hour labour having her put on my chest and us both being completely awake with her knowing how to breastfeed straight away and my fiancé by my side, I cried tears of pure love and happiness. It was such an amazing feeling, I don’t think I’ve ever been that happy in my entire life and something I will never forget. After doing it without the painkillers that I’d been offered, I felt so empowered and I know that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I highly recommend hypnobirthing classes, the hypnobirthing book and a natural birth if it is physically possible for you. 

So the 3 weeks after giving birth have been full of mothering, learning as I go and trying to rest and recover where I can. Over the last week I have started my journey to my post baby bikini body by cleaning up my diet and going for walks with Bub in the pram. I am doing this for my own health not just physical but internal and mental and also to give the best nutrients possible to my daughter. I may have had a couple of sneaky early Easter Eggs today but made sure I didn’t have too much and burned them off. A treat here and there every now and then is more than ok and prevents you feeling deprived, especially when your fiancé is a huge snack monster. 

I hope to reach my goal long before the wedding but I am going to take my time, love myself no matter what and be grateful for the skin I’m in. Self-love is the most important love because when you love yourself, you allow yourself to love those around you better. I will keep you updated on my health and fitness journey in the lead up to the wedding and offer tips, as I am sure you are all working towards your own body goals for the wedding day. Being a qualified personal trainer should make this adventure easier. I am going to document all of my workouts and develop a training plan for getting back in to shape post baby and also getting fit and toned for the wedding. If you are not sure where to start with your health and fitness plan, I would love to help you all on your journey. <3

What other wedding planning have I tried to squeeze in? Right now I am starting to get my bridesmaids organised. I have been looking at the foot jewels for them to wear as this will be easiest on the sand, I have found the tops I want at Grace Loves Lace (beautiful lace crops) and I just need to find the right material for the high waist long skirts to be made. I can tell my bridesmaids are getting more excited as the weeks go on. I think my maid of honor is hanging out for the hen’s party…. God knows what she has planned for me. 

While I am getting my bridesmaids organised, I am on the countdown…only 8 weeks until I fly to the Gold Coast Australia for my day in the Grace Loves Lace showroom. There are so many unique and elegant dresses that I can’t wait to try on. I am so excited, I think it will really hit me that I am getting married when I turn and look at myself in the mirror all dressed in white… I almost have tears in my eyes just picturing it.

For now that is about it for my update (being a new mum has been quite demanding, leaving not much time at all for the wedding planning). By the time I check in with you next month I am hoping to give you an update on the extra entertainment we are looking at booking, a few pictures of the arch once we have decided on the “right” one, flowers, theming, RSVP’s and which distinctive Fijian boutonniere we decide on for our guests.

I hope you all have a magnificent month! 

Amy xx

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Real Brides Share Advice To Single Ladies

Photographer: Erin and Lynn
 Our real brides take on advice to single ladies, check out their advice below!
  • “The best advice that I could give to a single lady waiting to meet the one is to stop looking. When you least expect it, is when you will find it. I honestly believe that when you take the pressure of finding someone off of yourself, you become more open and more confident. When I met my fiancé, I had been up late the night before, had woken up for my 8am across campus, was wearing a t-shirt from Six Flags, no make-up, glasses, and my hair in a bun… That was ME, not the person I became after putting on make-up, doing my hair nice, wearing a great outfit, making sure that everything I said and did was perfect. He still liked me, for me… and I would have never thought in a million years that’s how it would be when meeting my future husband.” – Bride Blogger Briana
  • “I know it sounds super cliché but don’t force anything to work if it just doesn’t. Sometimes girls have this vision of this perfect person in the perfect scenario and the guy that you can fall in love with could be the person that you would least expect to. Try to be open hearted because the person who you want may not be the person that you necessarily need.” – Bride Blogger Kimberly 
  • “Seek God and allow Him to bring you the one. Enjoy your singleness, develop your purpose and travel the world with your girlfriends.” –  Bride Blogger Marline
  • Don’t rush it; the right one will come along when you least expect it! Have fun with the girls and wait for him to sweep you off your feet! – Bride Blogger Charlotte
  • Do not go searching or always wanting to find the husband on a first date. I had my fair share of terrible boyfriends, but it took me not looking and Will coming out of nowhere for me to realize…all good things come to those who wait. – Bride Blogger Sabrina
  • Do things that make you happy and let your light shine. Focus within and on being purely happy with yourself. Don’t go searching for that significant other because it will never end up completely how you want if you aren’t whole on your own. At the same time though do write in a journal all of the qualities you want your ideal man to possess. Is he tall? Light or dark skin? What does his face look like, does he have brown eyes? How does he make you feel? What are his values? Even though you aren’t searching for him, by writing all this down and reading over it whenever you feel like it, it will reinforce in your mind what your ideal man will be so you will know exactly what you deserve and won’t settle for anything that isn’t close. While you are busy doing all of the things that make you happy and radiating a life that you want you will attract just what you desire. Remember you are worthy of something truly amazing.  – Bride Blogger Amy
  • Never look at time, be patient. Know your negotiables and your non-negotiables, it will be easier for you to weed out the bad and know what you will and will not tolerate. Involve God in the process and tell him exactly what you are looking for. Do not settle and do not pay attention to what your friends are doing and what and who they have. Know that there is someone out there for you. Do not be in denial of your flaws, it helps you to know and understand yourself. Once you are able to know or have a better understanding of yourself, you will not need someone to help you figure out who you are, you just find someone who compliments who you are. Be open and willing to try new things sometimes what we think we want is not what we need or what God has planned for us.  – Bride Blogger Kadia

Real Brides Share Their Biggest Wedding Planning Tips!

Photography: Lucas Ross

From staying organized to crossing tasks off the list, our Real Brides share their biggest wedding planning tips!

  • “Start ASAP, the more you do ahead of time the easier and more stress free your life will be”Real Bride Maquita


  • “Do what makes you happy and don’t feel bad for not inviting everyone to your wedding”Real Bride Marline
  • “I think something that I quickly had to learn was deciding whether things were needs or wants. Prioritizing the things that I did want to have allowed me to gain a better perspective. I would definitely start to think do I want this? Or do I need this? if the answer was yes, the next question that followed was, how bad do I really want it? Doing this allowed me to not stress quite as much over the items at the bottom of my list”Real Bride Kristen
  • “Do not get too many people involved. There are a lot of opinions of what people want/need. Go with what YOU want and your dreams, even if some people do not think it is “the best” plan, it is YOUR plan.   Make sure you invest in getting a videographer…that was one of the best decisions I made. They captured all the things you forgot because it was such a whirlwind of a day. It is something you can watch repeatedly and it brings you right back to the best day of your life. Try on your dress two weeks before the wedding, just in case you need more alteration before the big day. I had my  final fitting a month before the wedding and tried it on two weeks before the wedding. I ended up having to bring it  in  for more alterations”Real Bride Sabrina 
  • “Remember: this day is about you marrying your partner. All of the details, like centerpieces and invitations, are just small parts of the life you want with this person. Don’t get so involved in making your wedding/reception a production that you forget about the reason it is happening! Keep your focus on you and the one you love. When you get frustrated, overwhelmed, excited, or any other feeling, remember why you are getting married! Everything else is a tiny detail compared to your relationship”Real Bride Leila
  • “Make decisions and don’t look back.” Delegate tasks to your wedding party and groom! Even if they seem easy, not having to worry about them yourself takes the stress off! Check out the amazing sign my new father-in-law and brother-in-law made for our flower girls!”Real Bride Lindy 
  • “Do what you and your partner want to do and don’t try and make other people happy. The day is about you both and the love you share with each other. Don’t worry, don’t stress just focus on the reason why you are doing it in the first place and the happiness and love it brings”  – Real Bride Amy  
  • “Make a timeline, send it to your vendors as well as other vendor contact info and who they should contact with any issues on the day of so you aren’t bothered”  – Real Bride Melanie 
  • “Have a planner and write everything down. Doing things in advance will help too”  – Real Bride Ashley
  • “No matter how tight your timeline is, how much you prepared for this day, how many times you finalized details… SOMETHING will go wrong or not how you envisioned. And that’s totally okay! Just be prepared so you won’t let anything put a damper on your day!”Real Bride Christine
  • “Do whatever YOU want. Go against the grain if that’s what you both want or stay traditional; but don’t do what’s trendy just because you want a cool instagram post or because that’s how your friend or someone you work with did it-or your mom for that matter. Really take the time to self-actualize what is important to you both about your day. For us, it was lowering the anxiety for me & investing money more into my ring & into a future home than a day full of things that would only live on in pictures. Find what flows with your personality & ability to handle financially & emotionally. Just go with whatever choices feel right for you to own your day & not let your day own you!”  – Real Bride Emily 

Real Brides Share Their Biggest Planning Headache & How To Avoid

Photography: Mecca Gamble

Our Engaged To The Details Bride’s reveal their biggest wedding day headaches and we share how to avoid!   


  • “My biggest wedding planning headache is definitely setting a budget. It’s super hard for my fiancé and I to take our vision and transform into our dream wedding, yet also something that’s in our budget. My groom’s family is so large that we are thinking with everyone we will have about 200 guests… Which has been proven to be quite difficult to find a ceremony and reception space that is not comparable to a down payment on a home! Because let’s face it, I will never be one of those girls that spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding” – Bride Blogger Briana   Avoid exceeding your wedding budget with our savvy tips to trim hundreds from your day by clicking here!
  • “Hands down, the budget! Trying to make all these elements fit together like a puzzle all while saying under budget has been somewhat frustrating and has required a bit of creativity and flexibility.” – Bride Blogger Kimberly   Learn how to cut your wedding budget and not style by clicking here!


  • “The most stressful element was the guest list. When you have big families and lots of friends it can be really difficult to invite everyone when you’re on a budget. We tried to be as accommodating as possible but we had to slim down our day and evening attendees and hope no one would get offended!” – Bride Blogger Charlotte  Avoid making common guest list mistakes by clicking here!
  • “My mom lives in Connecticut so the hardest part was explaining the location and planning the details over the phone with her. She did not exactly get the concept of having a ceremony on boats and a wedding on the lake.    Getting the men’s suits ordered. It’s hard to get 5 groomsmen together who live in different towns to all come in on the same day to get measurements and fitted. We had to go back to the suit place 4 times before things were correct. First it started out they sold of the suits we wanted to buy, second time the suits we needed to rent did not fit every groom’s measurements, third time the suits we ended up ordering came in were wrong and 3 sizes too big on everyone, fourth time they forgot the father of the groom’s suit and the grooms suit came in the Wednesday before the Saturday wedding…phew it was stressful and close call.” –  Bride Blogger Sabrina (Stay on task and avoid wedding stress by learning the solution every bride should consider by clicking here!
  • “Choosing all the music for your ceremony! There are just so many choices we had a hard time picking just a few songs that we liked! The bridesmaids walked down the aisle to a guitar cover of Train’s Marry Me, my dad and I walked down to a guitar cover of Cannon in D by Per Olov Kindgren. We signed our marriage license to Johnny Reid’s Picture of You and our recessional song was You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne.    Picking my wedding dress was such an emotional decision that I second guessed my choice for months afterwards. It wasn’t until I got to try it on for my first fitting that I felt confident in my decision.” – Bride Blogger Lindy  Learn how to know out your wedding tasks in 12 months by clicking here!
  • “Shop around and don’t be afraid to haggle the price! I am saving over $1000 on my photographer and videographer by negotiating the price and getting it from the same company. Cannot reinforce this enough, haggle, haggle, haggle! 🙂    The guest list and the venue would have to be at the top of the list of tasks that required more energy. I wouldn’t say stressful as I am trying to remain positive and calm throughout the process so as to actually enjoy it. Being a destination wedding you want to make sure you have picked the right venue so plenty of research and reading a lot of reviews was necessary for us to pick the venue perfect for us. In regards to guest list, we really wanted an intimate wedding and not to let the budget get too out of control so a lot of calls had to be made on what kind of relationship we had with people and if it was important to us if they came. We are feeling pretty good about our guest list. Having a calm conversation and doing it together made it a lot easier.” –Bride Blogger Amy  Learn how to work your budget when selecting vendors by clicking here!


  • “Guest list and dealing with family. Put all your aunts to work if they’re like mine and need to be involved. Make sure everyone knows the rules. One of my aunts interrupted the father daughter dance to get a picture” – Bride Blogger Melanie  Learn how to involve family while not compromising your vision by clicking here!
  • “I think the hardest thing for me is picking a photographer, having a person with your taste, your style and editing that you like is so important. I also think its tough having to put together the final guest list.   The most stressful thing to me is deciding on a photographer.” – Bride Blogger Ashley  Learn vendors advice to brides by clicking here!


  • “Seating chart! We must have changed the seating chart 20 times. I never would have guessed that would have been the trickiest part, but it sure was! Trying to fit everyone with their friends and only having a certain number of seats per table made it difficult to keep everyone happy. It was a giant puzzle, and after many revisions we eventually we got it just right.”- Bride Blogger Christine Find out how to make time for every wedding task by clicking here!
  • “Hmm, this is a tough one. We set our whole wedding up around avoiding this question & we have done a really good job because I’m not sure what to write here. I’d say waiting for vendors to call me back because there is nothing you can do as a bride but wait, no action you can make to accomplish the task but trust they are going to get in touch with you.” – Bride Blogger Emily  The best time to start planning your wedding is answered when you click here!
  • “Finalizing our guest list while sticking to our numbers and not making enemies while doing so! We personally knew every single person at our wedding! We wanted to invite everyone but we also did not want someone at our wedding that is not close to us or that we did not know. It was our special day and we only wanted to share it with our family and closest and dearest friends.” – Bride Blogger Emily Learn how to explain no wedding invitation will be extended by clicking here!
  • “Start planning as soon as you get engaged! Time is working against you! Use it wisely and start early because vendors are usually booked years in advance!” – Bride Blogger Jocelyn  Just engaged? Click here to begin planning!
  • “Pinterest!!!! Pinterest has saved my life. Unsure about how to do your hair? Pinterest. Unsure about what kind of dress you want? Pinterest. Unsure of what kind of décor you want to have? You guessed it, Pinterest!” – Bride Blogger Vanessa  Learn how to bring your wedding vision to life by clicking here
  • “Finances! I find it difficult trying to budget our vendors based on our income. Considering the fact that I have dreamed of this day for so long, it’s also a struggle to eliminate what I “want” vs. what I “need.” Luckily, I bought a budget book from Michael’s that has helped us tremendously!” – Bride Blogger Alyssa  Learn how to prioritize your wedding wants and needs by clicking here

Real Brides Share Their Best Tips To Save On Your Wedding Budget!

Our Engaged To The Details Bride’s reveal their best tips to save on your wedding budget! From doing it yourself to where to find wedding details that don’t break the bank, check out their top tips below!


  • “To my dear brides-to-be let me tell you, do what you feel like doing for you and your future husband do NOT let anyone tell you “why this why that” it’s your wedding it’s your budget and it’s your future. Everyone will feel like they have a say so in your planning but just say okay but if it doesn’t work for you don’t listen to it. My other tip is, let people help you if you’re asked, take it from me I have learned my lesson because I am a control freak and an event planner for this matter I never fully trust anyone with my projects but believe me people listen when they know it’s important to you so just tell them to make sure it’s done how you asked and it will be. My last tip, don’t be afraid to ask those vendors for discounts they know there are other vendors that will give it to you so they’re obliged to, you’re the bride HAVE YOUR WAY and please make sure you enjoy your fiance in the process it’s so easy to neglect him but DO NOT”    – Bride Blogger Jennyfer
  • “DIY as much as you can! Also places like Amazon have amazing offers on decorations and trinkets that can be used on your big day. Plan a budget – you may not stick to it but it’s always helpful to know roughly where your money is going”Bride Blogger Charlotte


  • “Use friends, personal contacts and start-ups! Our photographer is a long-time friend who was generous enough to give us the ‘friends and family discount’ (Mark Derry Photography). Our florist, who did an amazing job, is making her passion into her career (Lindsay Kao, Fall For Florals). My engagement ring was purchased from a friend’s jewelry store (Clowes Jewelers). My makeup artist (Danielle Hanson) is a friend of my sister-in-law and was also generous enough to give us the ‘friends and family discount” –  Bride Blogger Lindy
  • “Find a venue that includes food and alcoholic drinks. Our biggest unexpected savings is that our family actually offered to help us.  My parents are paying for my custom made dress. My mother-in-law to be is getting us the cake and my sister paid for the photo booth and the DJ”  – Bride Blogger Stephanie
  • “Just be smart about what you really want vs what you think you really want. Spend it if it matters, don’t if it doesn’t.”  Bride Blogger Amy


  • “Figure out your budget and stick to it. Believe it or not, vendors have ‘sales’ or deals that they offer if you are referred to them or visited their showcase at a bridal expo. Most vendors are willing to negotiate or at least work with your set budget.”  Bride Blogger Jocelyn