The Most Important Wedding Vendor To Book First

Photography: Sarah Ainsworth

For most weddings, there’s an average of 10 wedding vendors that will play a huge role in bringing the day to life. From the wedding photographer, transportation and even hair stylist, each wedding vendor plays a crucial role the wedding day. While it’s important to book all vendors in a timely manner, there is one vendor that will have the most impact on your overall day.

Which wedding vendor do you think has the most impact on your overall day?

A.) The Photographer

B.) The Officiant

C.) The Venue Space

D.) The Wedding Planner


If you answered C, The Venue Space, you are correct!

While the photographer provides the one lasting memory from the day, the officiant will officiate the day and the wedding planner will help find vendors that work within your budget and even keep you on task, the venue space has the most impact on your day overall.


  • Your Venue Space Is The Largest Wedding Related Expense:

On average, venue related expenses account for 48-50% of the overall wedding budget. Your venue space includes rental of the venue facility, food, bar and even staff.  Once your venue space is booked, you will have a better understanding of your remaining budget for additional wedding expenses. 



  • Your Venue Space Determines Your Wedding Date:

Your venue space will determine your actual wedding date. While you may hope to host your wedding on a particular date, you may find there are no venue spaces within your budget or needs for your preferred wedding date. Once you lock in your venue space, you can move on to book additional vendors as they will have a confirmed date that your day will be held.


Avoid sending save the date invites or booking vendors until your day is set. Consider if you hope to have a summer wedding yet find that prices are significantly less in November. If you’ve already sent save the dates, you will have to update guests of the date change. If you’ve already booked vendors, you will have to confirm that they have your new date available and there are no penalties to change the date.

  • Your Venue Space Determines Your Guest Count Size:

Avoid committing to your guest list until your venue space is booked. For instance, you may have a guest list of 200 guests but find that venue spaces to hold your desired guest number places you well out of budget. 


  • Your Venue Space Determines Your Wedding Style:

Hold off on setting your wedding decor style until your venue space is booked.  You may envision small, minimal centerpieces prior to booking your venue only to find that they would be underwhelming in your reception space.  Wait until your venue is booked to determine the best style for your wedding decor and even attire.  For instance, you may realize that soft hues for your bridesmaids will blend seamlessly with your ceremony venue space or that bold, jewel tones are a better choice.

  • Your Venue Space Determines Your Wedding Needs: 

Wait to invest in wedding needs, such as decor, until your venue space is booked. You may find that amenities, such as draping and lighting, are included in your venue space or even various decor, such as candelabras,  for centerpiece arrangements are included.

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