Take Our Quiz : Should I Have A Long Or Short Engagement Length?

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The length of your engagement, or the time from engagement to the big day, can affect your overall planning experience and success.  Learn how to manage your budget, stress level and even crossing items off the list by determining the best planning length for you!


Take our quiz to see if you should have a short, average or long engagement length.


1.) When it comes to support planning my wedding:

A. I have lots of support-between me, my fiance and lots of family/friends

B. I have a little support between me, my fiance and a handful of others

C.  I have little support-just me, my fiance and 1-2 others  


2.) When making wedding related decisions:

A.  I’m finding it difficult to sticking to decisions and frequently change my mind

B. On average, I have 1-3 options to choose from before committing to a decision

C.  I have no/little problems with making a wedding related decision 


3.) When finding financial resources for my wedding:

A. We are good to go and are not concerned with finding the financial resources for our wedding  

B. We will need a little time to save towards wedding related expenses

C. We will need lots of time to save towards wedding related expenses and are not sure how we will pay for our day


4.) My wedding planning stress level:

A. I am not at all stressed at the wedding related to do items to cross off the list and have lots of time to plan

B. With careful planning, I can manage wedding the wedding related to do items off my list and schedule time to plan

C. I am incredibly overwhelmed with the wedding tasks to cross off the list and have limited time to plan


5.) In terms of wedding guests:

A. We prefer a small, intimate wedding

B. We would like a traditional, average sized wedding

C.  We expect to have a large wedding


6.) In terms of out of town guests:

A. We plan to have a small amount of out of town guests traveling to our day, the majority of guests will not have to travel 

B. We plan to have a handful of out of town guests that will travel to our day

C. We plan to have lots of out of town guests traveling to our day



If You Answered Mainly A:

Have a short engagement length!

Short engagement lengths are generally 6-8 months in length from engagement to the wedding day. 


  • You have lots of support planning and will have enough hands on deck to take on the to do tasks required to bring your day to life in a short time. 
  • You could benefit from having less time to change your mind on wedding related decisions. If you find that you have struggling to stick to decisions and are frequently changing your mind, having a short engagement means having to make decisions fast to avoid wasting time.
  • You have the financial resources available and will not have to worry about finding the resources for vendor deposits or payments early in your planning journey.
  • You have plenty of time to plan your wedding which will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with the time required to plan a wedding in a short time frame. 
  • You are more likely to have a small, intimate wedding as you are less likely to add last minute guests due to the short planning length.
  • Your out of town guests will need time to prepare to travel to your day and may not be able to make necessary accommodations within a short time. Consider only moving forward with a short engagement length if it will not inconvenience a large number of guests.


 If You Answered Mainly B:

Have an average engagement length!

Average engagement lengths are typically 12-18 months between the engagement and wedding day. 


  • Since you have some support planning, you can cross wedding related tasks off the list within a timely manner without drastically increasing your stress level
  • You are able to narrow down your top wedding related decisions, such as saying yes to the dress, within the suggested time to cross off the list.
  • You are capable of having some of the financial resources for wedding related expenses during the planning period opposed to needing lots of time to save. 
  • You are able to remain on task with minimal stress, even with approaching and frequent deadlines.
  • Your wedding will have an average guest count size of under 150 guests.
  • You will have a handful of out of town guests that will appreciate having the standard 6-8 month save the date time-frame required to prepare for your wedding day.


 If You Answered Mainly C:

Have a long engagement length!

Long engagement lengths are typically 18-months to 2 years or more between the engagement and wedding day.

  • You have little assistance planning and will need lots of time to take on wedding related tasks.  Stretching your planning journey will allow time to balance wedding planning with personal obligations without feeling as overwhelmed.
  • You do not have difficulty staying true to your original vision, which will allow you to stay on course during a long planning length. 
  • You will need lots of time to save the money needed for vendor deposits, payments and wedding related needs.   Stretching out the engagement will mean more time to save money for your wedding day.
  • You are overwhelmed with the thought of planning your wedding and not sure how you will squeeze into your schedule. Stretching out your engagement length will allow more time to cross each task off the list, even with approaching and frequent deadlines.
  • Your wedding will have a large guest count size of over 150 guests. More guests will require more invitations, guest RSVP’s and even a larger seating chart to create. A longer engagement length will allow more time to manage guest related details.
  • If you have a large number of out of town guests, a longer engagement length will give them plenty of time to arrange their schedule and travel needs. 

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